Use of Apple Watch changes skeptics into enthusiastic users, revealed by neuromarketing research from eMerite and IPSOS

23rd October 2015 | User experience with “the most personal Apple device” evokes in a human brain an extremely high passion and positive emotions. From originally skeptical individuals, who doubted benefits of the smart watch, become supporters after using its functions. This is the result of the eMerite NEURO research based on the tracking of... More

Comparative research eMerite NEURO showed that Toyota has the most effective TV spot

28. 4. 2015 | Customer’s emotins and attention were affected by a TV ad for Toyota Verso the most. On the contrary Ford’s marketers should increase their efforts. It was found by the neuromarketing research executed by eMerite company.  Neuromarketing research of seven car brands showed, that respondent’s prejudices are reflected in their verbal evaluation. With a... More

Neuromarketing surpasses conventional research methods, it was confirmed by measuring emotions caused by ads in the US Super Bowl

15.8.2014 | Verbal evaluation of tested ads is different from objectively measured emotional reactions of respondents. That was the result of neuromarketing research of emotional responses caused by television commercials broadcasted during the American Football League final. Neuromarketing research combines methods of modern marketing biomedicine and neuropsychology. It uses measurements of bioelectric activity of the brain... More

eMerite enables each visitor to display his own version of any website matching his preferences

20.11.2014 | The eMerite company can adjust the content of any website to specific preferences and behavior of the users by the Live-Data-Feed module. The module integrated in the analytical software Webtrekk analyses behavior of visitors in real time and adjusts the content of the websites by identified characteristics of each of them. This way the... More can determine effect of each advertisement in advance

7.10.2014 | Thanks to devices with medical certification the eMerite company can determine numerical values of what attention, emotions and degree of remembering a specific advertising evokes. Out of tens of realized neuromarketing researches the eMerite specialists have deduced benchmarks which enable them to say whether any other advertising tested by the eMerite NEURO service will... More

eMerite is certified partner of the Webtrekk analytic tool

26.8.2014 | The eMerite company became the first Czech holder of the highest certification level „Platinum Certified Partner“ of the top web analytics tool Webtrekk. The tool enables more complex and more efficient evaluation of the effectiveness of web presentations, e-shops and mobile applications in comparison to commonly used free services. Webtrekk provides not only the... More

eMerite launches a database of customer’s emotional reactions to advertising incentives

29.7.2014 | How do different kinds of customers react to specific elements of television, radio, outdoor or internet advertisement?  What attention and emotions does a smiling baby advertising diapers evoke in single mothers over 30? Or how does an ordinary Czech pensioner perceive peaks of the Alps that rise over in the background of an advertisement... More

Neuromarketing „measurement of emotions“ caused by advertising is a new eMerite service

21. 11. 2013 | The analytical company eMerite newly provides the evaluation of hidden psychophysiological human reactions, which are changing depending on experienced emotions.  „The measurement of emotions“ among others enables to draw up an advertising message so that its content and form correspond with unconscious preferences of customers, that they are not able to... More