eMerite is certified partner of the Webtrekk analytic tool

26.8.2014 | The eMerite company became the first Czech holder of the highest certification level „Platinum Certified Partner“ of the top web analytics tool Webtrekk. The tool enables more complex and more efficient evaluation of the effectiveness of web presentations, e-shops and mobile applications in comparison to commonly used free services.

Webtrekk provides not only the possibility to combine basic metrics without limits but also to deduce entirely new metrics. It is possible to find out which form of the advertising (banner, PPC ads etc.) brought a visitor to the client’s website by the cross-source filtration. Visitors who made conversion action only when visiting for the second time. These visitors can be segmented at will. For example to determine what share of web visitors was brought by TV or radio advertising immediately after broadcasting. Users can see in real time what the visitor is looking through on their website at the moment, which company is he coming from and they can contact him immediately.

In Webtrekk e-shops and other websites with a client zone can identify one unique visitor regardless of the device being used. I.e. a visitor logging into his account from his computer in the morning, from his tablet in the afternoon or from his cell phone in the evening will be monitored as one unique visitor in Webtrekk with three visits during a day.

Exceptionally useful function is the data import from other sources (including personal data about customers from the client’s CRM system etc.) into the Webtrekk. Thanks to this function it can be re-evaluated which advertising campaign brought the visitor who became a customer in the brick-and-mortar store of the website operator on the website. You can also monitor the impact of weather (after the meteorological data import) on increase/decrease of sale of some specific goods and adjust the timing and content of the campaigns on the e-shops. The functionality of the A/B testing is also unique: Webtrekk is able to launch the more successful version of the website automatically without the need of manual evaluation of the test.

„Webtrekk provides the clients with a precise analysis of their website based on raw data, without any aggregation, sampling and many other limitations,“ evaluates Ondřej Štarman, one of the certified specialists. „In just one report we can monitor relations between several traffic indicators, while in common software it is necessary to generate two or more reports for the same result and then to combine them and compare them with difficulty.“

The eMerite company evaluates consumer behavior of customers by electronic measurement technologies. It analyses preferences of website visitors from the data provided by the Webtrekk software. It is the first Czech provider of monitoring of internet discussions, it provides neuromarketing „measurement of emotions“ caused by the advertising and it runs the database of emotional incentives for clients – eMerite  NEURO·DEPOTM . eMerite is proud to provide its services to clients as AAA AUTO, Danone, Komerční banka, Mountfield, RWE or Vodafone. In the year 2014 eMerite is the partner of the WebTop100 conference.

Tomáš Jindra, analyst and consultant
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