Monitoring and evaluation of brand reputation in discussions on social networks and everywhere else on the internet.

Social Media Monitoring

We are searching for ratings of companies, brands, products and services in social media and other online discussions. We identify the most discussed topics, the most active and influential discussants, supporters (or opponents) of a client.

Competitive advantages

  • we search through all the internet discussions: not just social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Foursquare, Lidé.cz but also comments under articles, consumer reviews of products in e-shops, discussion forums, blogs, etc.
  • we provide 100 % filtered social media monitoring without inclusion of irrelevant keywords and keywords in meaningless context – all captured posts are checked by humans
  • we are able to trace the contextual posts even without keywords, in which discussants react to each other without mentioning the client´s company, its products, leader´s names, competitors etc…, such as „I owned this set, too and it broke in a month, I do not recommend it!“
  • we take the influence of so-called passive discussion participants into account, who instead of writing their own opinion only click on the „Like“, „Agree“ or „Disagree“ buttons, which are the factors that often change the whole meaning of the discussion
  • international clients – in addition to monitoring in Czech we have fulfilled / are fulfilling contracts in Slovak, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Croatian, Romanian, English and German
  • we send monitoring reports in any time period preferred by the client : monthly, weekly, daily, eventually we inform our clients about substantially critical discussions, which require immediate client response via ad hoc urgent reports

Purpose and Objectives of the service

  • Feedback – follows instant market reactions to the client activities with the possibility to respond immediately to possible threats (crisis communication – to protect reputation, build brand prestige)
  • identify the needs, demands and motivations of the target groups including factors that influence our decision to buy (such as product price, delivery speed, etc.)
  •  reveal influences (and often also the unsuspected ones) on the brand perception
  • enable to compare our client with his competitors in the given field
  • capture current and expected trends – suggestions for innovation, for changes in communication and marketing, reveals market opportunities and new competitors
  • reflect the benefits of advertising campaigns (by comparing the range and character of discussions before and after the campaign)
  • identify the most influential users (Opinion Leaders / Makers), find supporters (Brand Advocates / Ambassadors) for building communities and opponents or trolls
  • show the relation of customer sociological profiles to various products and services

What do we measure

  • discussion servers, its popularity and influence including a description of target groups
  • discussed topics about the client, his competitors, eventually about the whole field of competence
  • sentiment (emotional charge) of posts – positive / neutral / negative
  • characteristics of the most active users (Key Influencers), relations between them, their favourite topics, level of influence (by number of Friends or Followers, blog traffic, etc.) preferably, also  socio-demographic data (gender, age, occupation) and contacts included
  • benefit of internet discussions for client´s website traffic, preferably also with quantification of the conversion rate, e.g. how many visitors have made a purchase on the client´s web and how much money they spent after they came from a link in a particular discussion; for traffic monitoring we recommend to use the Webtrekk software
  • besides the tables and graphs eMerite specialists interpret the measured data, highlight the connection between them, explain causes of identified trends (campaign influence, new product launch, etc.) and provide their specific suggestions and recommendations how to improve client’s internet communication in connection with identified customer preferences

How do we measure

For data collection we use simultaneously several Czech and foreign software tools meant for the social media monitoring. We don’t rely on just one software – we combine their functionality. We continuously test more and more tools to have the best of them available all the time. Thanks to the penetration of their search capabilities we can capture up to three times more posts with keywords in comparison with individual instruments only.

Sample analysis


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AAA AUTO, Danone, Komerční banka, Mountfield, Provident Financial, TESCO Stores, Uniqa insurance company, Vodafone and more, see our references.