eMerite launches a database of customer’s emotional reactions to advertising incentives

29.7.2014 | How do different kinds of customers react to specific elements of television, radio, outdoor or internet advertisement?  What attention and emotions does a smiling baby advertising diapers evoke in single mothers over 30? Or how does an ordinary Czech pensioner perceive peaks of the Alps that rise over in the background of an advertisement for joint supplements? Do they remember the name of the brand? Such knowledge from neuromarketing research papers stored in an accessible database of emotional incentives is now available to advertising agencies and their clients from eMerite company.

The database of emotional incentives eMerite NEURO·DEPOTM is being updated with new data from every research of hidden physical reactions to advertising incentives which is realized by eMerite company. eMerite provides the neuromarketing „measurement of emotions“ since November 2013. We also use the Eye Tracking technology since April 2014. The leader of the research team Pavel Rosenlacher jr. teaches Applied neuropsychology in sales and marketing at The University of Finance and Administration and also works as a supervisor at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at ČVUT. There is also an experienced clinical psychologist in the eMerite NEURO team as well as a sociologist and a statistician. The partner of eMerite for respondent selection and methodology of the NEURO research is IPSOS, which is the biggest agency for research of the market and public opinion in the CR according to the achieved sales volume.

The aim of the database of emotional incentives eMerite NEURO·DEPOTM is to provide companies and their marketing communication specialists exact knowledge of how the given advertising incentive works. Incentives in the database are ordered by customer typology so it is easy to find data about emotional impact of a specific element of an advertisement on the target group chosen by the client. It is therefore possible to find out how likeable are the actors in a commercial, how attractive is the used scenery, colors, texts, melody to the chosen kind of customers – by gender, age, education, income and other socio-demographic typology – or how does the fragrance in store affect sales increase.

„Before a company starts to prepare any kind of advertisement it can check how to attract customers, how to put them in the mood and make them remember the brand by looking into our »depo«“, summarizes the benefits of eMerite NEURO·DEPOTM team leader Pavel Rosenlacher.

The fees for looking into the eMerite NEURO·DEPOTM depend on the number of found incentives and on how difficult their segmentation is.

eMerite, s.r.o. evaluates consumer behavior of customers by electronic measurement technologies since 2003. It provides monitoring and analysis of consumer behavior of website visitors, in 2010 the company was the first Czech provider of monitoring of social networks and other internet discussions and from 2013 it provides  „measurement of emotions“ by neuromarketing research. eMerite is proud to provide its services to clients as AAA AUTO, České dráhy, Danone, Komerční banka, Mountfield, RWE or Vodafone.

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