Neuromarketing „measurement of emotions“ caused by advertising is a new eMerite service

21. 11. 2013 | The analytical company eMerite newly provides the evaluation of hidden psychophysiological human reactions, which are changing depending on experienced emotions.  „The measurement of emotions“ among others enables to draw up an advertising message so that its content and form correspond with unconscious preferences of customers, that they are not able to express in words or don´t want to admit in questionnaire surveys.

The new eMerite NEURO service explores what level of attention, emotional relationship (positive or negative) and level of remembering induce in customers various marketing incentives. The object of the surveys is usually motive suitability (photographs, colors, shapes) used in the printed ad, in POP / POS materials or in internet campaigns, then size, style and location of texts on billboards, performers likeability in the TV spots, product placement attractiveness or euphony and volume level of the radio background music. There are also unique surveys that measure reactions to the olfactory perceptions (e.g. fragrances in stores which are tailored to specific target groups) and even to the taste perceptions.

By using medical devices we measure changes in the brain activity (EEG), heart activity (HRV,BVP), muscle tension (EMG), breathing, temperature, electric skin conductance (GSR) and eye movement (EYE TRACKING) caused by perception of the advertising by the research respondents – in real time, tens of data per second.

“Our way of measurement is quite non-invasive, comparable with blood pressure measurement at home,” Martin Petrášek, director of the eMerite company calms concerns.

Indicators measured by a special analytical software evaluates and interprets the specialized eMerite NEURO team. His members – marketing communication specialist, clinical psychologist and sociologist – engage in the neuromarketing since 2008 including cooperation with foreign specialized centers in Germany or China.

„Emotion measurement brings many valuable knowledge beyond classic questionnaire surveys, where people don´t know how or don´t want to express their feelings,“ Petrášek points out. „For example we are able to save client´s money which he would spend for buying media space as we evaluate the optimal number of his advertisement repeats based on the test of memory traces depth.

The eMerite company evaluates customer’s consumer behavior by electronic measurement technologies since 2003. The company designs website effective structure and content in accordance with measured preferences of their visitors, in 2010 it was the first Czech provider of the monitoring of company ratings in the internet discussions and in November 2013 it launched the „monitoring of emotions“ caused by marketing incentives. Among the eMerite clients belong AAA AUTO, Danone, Komerční banka, Mountfield, Tesco Stores, Vodafone.


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