eMerite enables each visitor to display his own version of any website matching his preferences

20.11.2014 | The eMerite company can adjust the content of any website to specific preferences and behavior of the users by the Live-Data-Feed module. The module integrated in the analytical software Webtrekk analyses behavior of visitors in real time and adjusts the content of the websites by identified characteristics of each of them. This way the user gets information adjusted to his needs and not universally formulated information which might not interest him.

Live-Data-Feed finds a solution to one of the key problems of the most webs – it changes the uninteresting general content meant for all target groups to an information adjusted to the online created profile of a specific visitor. Live-Data-Feed monitors the behavior of the user continuously and changes the website content dynamically so that it fits as much as possible to what the user was browsing on the specific web the last time.

The moment the visitor goes on the website, the Webtrekk software analyses in fraction of a second if he’s already been on this site or this web section, and with the Live-Data-Feed module it displays such content of the website which fits his behavior and requirements during the last visit. The optimization of content can have many forms at the same time – from suitable selection of displayed advertising (banners), to personalized lists of recommended links or offers of relating products in the e-shops even to the individually arranged results of the internal full text searching. Each new step of the visitor on the website is being monitored by the Webtrekk to extend the profile and it is used for more accurate selection of the displayed content. During all of the future visits the user is identified again and the Webtrekk software introduces an adjusted offer, so that it matches user’s needs discovered during the previous visits.

„Live-Data-Feed is a tool which provides a whole new generation of targeting the website content. It doesn’t work with estimates and total statistical data but it records a visitor’s individual profile in the real time by which it puts the content of other websites together,“ states Ondřej Štarman, certificated specialist of the Webtrekk software. „Possibilities of the Live-Data-Feed are wide, e.g. it is possible to offer goods in preference that the visitor was checking during the last visit or which he even put in the shopping cart but in the end didn’t buy it.“

The eMerite company evaluates consumer behavior of customers by electronic measurement technologies. It analyses preferences of website visitors, it is the first Czech provider of monitoring of internet discussions, provides neuromarketing „measurement of emotions“ caused by the advertising and it runs the database of emotional incentives for clients – eMerite  NEURO·DEPOTM . eMerite is proud to provide its services to clients as AAA AUTO, Danone, Komerční banka, Mountfield, RWE or Vodafone. In the year 2014 eMerite is the partner of the WebTop100 conference.

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