eMerite.cz can determine effect of each advertisement in advance

7.10.2014 | Thanks to devices with medical certification the eMerite company can determine numerical values of what attention, emotions and degree of remembering a specific advertising evokes. Out of tens of realized neuromarketing researches the eMerite specialists have deduced benchmarks which enable them to say whether any other advertising tested by the eMerite NEURO service will cause any distinctive or less distinctive emotional response than the usual standard (benchmark).

The eMerite company has developed the benchmarks, so that it is possible to objectively define what real effect a specific advertising evokes – TV commercial, radio, print, outdoor or other. I.e. based on all the researches of the neuromarketing team eMerite NEURO it defined what attention, how many positive or negative emotions and what depth of the memory traces a single kind of advertising evokes. Benchmarks define what values do the unconscious physical processes as bioelectrical brain activity, heart rate, breath frequency, galvanic skin reflex and surface skin temperature reach when watching the advertising. In fact the fluctuations of these indicators reflect changes in the mental state and so they are reliable indicators of emotional experience caused by the advertisement.

Benchmarks of the eMerite NEURO researches have a form of percentage values which represent the ratio of every monitored quantity to the relax state of respondents. Results of all future neuromarketing eMerite researches will be measured by these benchmarks and so they will show on every new tested advertisement if it causes bigger than usual attention and intensity of emotions, or more precisely which part of the advertisement gives a very positive, positive, neutral, negative or very negative impression.

The impulse for establishing the eMerite NEURO benchmarks was (among others) the neuromarketing research, which has proved substantial differences between results of typical questionnaire survey and data received from the same respondents by medical devices. Subjective claim of the respondents about their feelings from the three tested TV commercials were substantially different from the measured indicators of the real – unconscious – interest of the respondents in these commercials. The TV spot, which was rated by the respondents negatively right after watching, was actually the most impressive one for them and they remembered it the most. As well the rating of the spots that was put together by subjective feelings and by objectively measured values of positive reactions was different. „The results of our test has definitely confirmed how misleading the researches based only on subjective opinions can be.“ warned PhDr. Jaroslav Jančík, psychologist and analyst of the eMerite NEURO team. „Even the effect of an advertisement can be evaluated by objective criterions – by our benchmarks,“ added Jančík.

The eMerite company evaluates consumer behavior of customers by electronic measurement technologies. It analyses preferences of website visitors from the data provided by the Webtrekk software. It is the first Czech provider of monitoring of internet discussions, it provides neuromarketing „measurement of emotions“ caused by the advertising and it runs the database of emotional incentives for clients – eMerite  NEURO·DEPOTM . eMerite is proud to provide its services to clients as AAA AUTO, Danone, Komerční banka, Mountfield, RWE or Vodafone. In the year 2014 eMerite is the partner of the WebTop100 conference.

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