Use of Apple Watch changes skeptics into enthusiastic users, revealed by neuromarketing research from eMerite and IPSOS

23rd October 2015 | User experience with “the most personal Apple device” evokes in a human brain an extremely high passion and positive emotions. From originally skeptical individuals, who doubted benefits of the smart watch, become supporters after using its functions. This is the result of the eMerite NEURO research based on the tracking of the brain activity (EEG) of the Apple Watch users. Respondents for the user testing were provided by IPSOS, the largest market research agency in the Czech Republic.

The Electroencephalography records brain waves, which indicate the level of attention and the polarity of the human emotional reactions to any impulses. In parallel with EEG we also tracked the eyes of respondents, ie. what at what moment attracted their attention (Eye Tracking). We also tested receiving SMS messages on the wrist, reporting events from the calendar and reminders, incoming phone calls, taking a picture by a phone remotely and assigning tasks to the voice assistant Siri.

The level of attention caused at the human brain by tested functions of the smart watch from Apple is more than five times higher than the benchmark. Benchmark is the default value of attention which is evoked by anything what influence the senses – therefore it is the scale of what attracted more and what less than the standard. The level of positive emotions experienced by the Apple Watch users was three times higher than the benchmark. A positive personal experience with tested watches completely reversed the initial distrustfulness and skepticism of respondents into extremely positive so called final emotions, which is highly desirable and valuable phenomenon which many products cannot reach.

“The most frequent reason in online discussions for not buying the Apple Watch people indicate that it is a superfluous device,” commented the results of the research Martin Petrášek, the eMerite CEO, and continued: “They claim that they will not pay for the watch, when all they need to do for the same result is just pulling out a phone. And yet, just the fact that the watch serves information directly on the hand without a need to reach the phone proved to be a major benefit during our research.” An extremely positive effect on the human brain has eg. the fact that the Apple Watch display lights up only when the wearer turns his wrist to himself. “People perceive this automated fulfillment of an unsaid wish as if the watch tells them “At your service, Your Majesty,” Petrášek explained.

The eMerite company evaluates customer preferences with an electronic measurement technology. Its long-term clients are for example Vodafone, Danone, RWE, Komercni banka, AAA AUTO or Mountfield.

The final “eMerite NEURO” report from the Apple Watch User Testing (DOCX, 3,2 MB).

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