Evaluation of visitor behavior on websites

Are customers lost on your website and without noticing all the information which is substantial for your company? Or they even leave your website without making the demanded conversion? Where do they come from and which campaigns make them loyal customers?

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Evaluation of internet forum monitoring

How people rate your company on social networks and in consumer discussions?What do they like about your products, what they do not like and what they miss? Who are your supporters and opponents? And where do you stand in comparison with competitors?

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eMerite company evaluates consumer behavior of customers by electronic measurement technologies. We design an effective structure and content of websites in accordance with measured preferences of their visistors (User Experience). We monitor company and brand rating on social networks and in other discussion forums.


Monitoring and evaluation of brand reputation in discussions on social networks and everywhere else on the Internet.

Evaluation of website user behavior from raw disaggregated data.



Use of Apple Watch changes skeptics into enthusiastic users, revealed by neuromarketing research from eMerite and IPSOS

23rd October 2015 | User experience with "the most personal Apple device" evokes in a human brain an extremely high passion and positive emotions. From originally skeptical individuals, who doubted benefits of the smart watch, ...

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